Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing

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Simple Detail

First time visit? Lets strip the nastiness off your paint and get a nice coat of wax down on it. While we’re at it lets do a deep clean on the wheels and protect them too but we cant forget about the glass… ill put a nice glass sealant on that will make driving in the rain a breeze. Yeah ill clean the interior too, lets scrub the leather & carpets – seats where necessary and give it a good freshen up. £120 – All sized vehicles.

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Ceramic Coatings

Designed to get all the exterior surfaces of your vehicle ceramic coated, paint, wheels & glass. Paint is decontaminated & protected while the interior is brought up to standard. Ill lay down protection for the glass and wheels too. If you like to maintain your car yourself, washing from now on will be breezy. £180 – All sized vehicles.

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Gloss Enhancement Detail

Single stage paint correction detail bringing depth and clarity to automotive paintwork. At a minimum we aim to achieve 60% defect removal. 1 Year ceramic coating applied as standard to the paint, glass & wheels. £350All sized vehicles

Exclusive to Maintenance / Current Customers

Maintenance Detail

This package is for existing customers only & is designed as a top up or refresher for your ceramic coated vehicle. Now includes free scratch repair and reapplication of the coating. £65 – All sized vehicles.

Ceramic Booster

Just like the decon detail its best to strip contaminants off the paint when its needing it. But what if we went one step further and added a short term ceramic coating on top? Well that acts like a sacrificial layer and will add 6+ months onto the life of your coating. £120 – All sized vehicles.

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